Fired or Let Go? How does it affect Unemployment?

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If you are looking for a reason to work from home because you no longer have a job, check out this post about what qualifies you for unemployment or not.

Unemployment is going down, however they have reached heights unseen for decades in the last 10 years.  There are a lot of people who are taking on financial hardships and need to find ways to make money just to pay the bills.  Some people, however, may be eligible for unemployment benefits and don’t even know it.

Knowing whether or not you are eligible for unemployment is essential if you want to make it through this hardship.

Read on.

If you have recently lost your job, you need to know what to do next.  Unemployment should be your first concern.

If you have worked for a company and were “let go” you may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Generally you are let go because of a company downsizing and NOT something that you did.   Eligibility for unemployment will vary from state to state and often depends on how long you were employed before you are eligible.

You may be eligible for half of your earnings or more depending on where you live.  Your unemployment check can be taxed or not taxed in your state, however any income (even unemployment) is taxable by the federal government.  It is wise to have the taxes taken out when you sign up for unemployment so you don’t end up owing at the end of the year.

If you quit your job or leave voluntarily then you will likely not receive unemployment benefits.  If you are eligible for unemployment generally this applies: “You leave the job through no fault of your own”.

Unemployment determination is decided at a state level and can be taken away from bad behavior such as refusing to take a job when it is offered (although this portion of unemployment is rarely reinforced)

If you deny suitable work, you can be denied.

Here are some other reasons you may not be eligible to receive unemployment:

  • Fired for doing something bad
  • Quit or walk out for no reason
  • Disability reassignment
  • You left for a vacation or marriage
  • You left for college
  • You are in a dispute about the pay or labor
  • You are self employed

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Get Paid to Surf Sites, Take surveys and other ways to make fast Cash.

It is likely that you are on this blog because you want to be a WAHM.  WAHM can be a “work at home mom” or a “work at home man”.

Either way you put is, WAHM means you want to work from home and/or make extra money from home to help improve your financial situation whether to pay off bills or to buy more things it doesn’t matter.  You are on a quest for a lucrative pay off.

Here are some quick ways to put some cash in your pocket that might help you over the financial hump or want that you are encountering:

  1. Get Paid to Surf: Some companies will actually pay you to surf the web or their websites and report back to them about the ease of use so they can further improve their user experience. These jobs are a little harder to come buy but they do exist and pay pretty well.
  2. Writing content for webbuilders. This is one of the more lucrative ways to make money IF you know the right people.  Once you establish that you area a good content writer, people will be finding you, but until then you might have to work dirt cheap until you work your way up the blogging pay scale.  Content writing whether you get paid a lot or a little is a super FAST way to make some extra cash for a nice dinner out on Friday night.
  3. Get Paid to Take Surveys – You can get paid to go through and take a bunch of surveys. Unfortunately these surveys require your to also sign up for trail products and software that charge you if you don’t cancel later.  It’s annoying…but it’s a way to make some money.
  4. Clinical Trials – If you suffer from an ailment and you live nearby a teaching hospital this is more likely to be an option.  You can make a few bucks to a couple thousand if you volunteer to take part in research studies and clinical trails. The benefits, in addition to cash, is that you get free medical care during the time that you participate. The downside is that something could go wrong and you can physically or mentally suffer.
  5. Use your car as a driving billboard.  People and companies will pay you to put their logo on your car if you happen to drive places the companies want to be seen. This is more likely in a larger city.

Make money stuffing Envelopes at Home

Maybe had heard of it or you ran across an ad in craigslist of how you can make easy money from home by stuffing envelopes.

This post is meant to investigate this claim and see if working from home can be done by something as “easy” as stuffing envelopes.

You have probably seen the claims say something like this: “Make money from home stuffing envelopes!” and likely thought that it was too good to be true.

Some companies ask you to pay a small fee in order to join some envelope stuffing club and then you get paid per envelope stuffed just by sitting on your couch and stuffing envelopes.  (My fingers and tongue hurt from all the paper cuts already)

Imagine sitting on the couch chomping on some freshly made brownies while watching Cops reruns and just stuffing paper into paper containers.

Sounds Easy right?

Well…most of this type of work, unfortunately, does’t actually involve stuffing envelopes at all and is just about as fun as finding a roofing company in Dallas to fix your broken home after a bad tornado hits.


The Federal Trade Commission has actually warned people that these are not jobs but rather paying to be told to place the same ad you placed into your area and asking people for money to get the same information to do the same thing.  The way you get paid is when they fall for the scam that you fell for.

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What is Auto Surf and Making Money At Home?

Autosurfing is a type of internet traffic exchange that is automated.  The way it works is that it automatically rotates websites in your web browser.

This is usueful because is can bring you large amounts of traffic (or appear to do so) to your business websites.  People who make money by visiting sites use these types of programs. Continue reading What is Auto Surf and Making Money At Home?